What is dragon boating?

 'A dragon boat (also dragonboat) human-powered watercraft traditionally made in the Pearl River delta region of China's southern Guangdong Province out of teak wood to various designs and sizes. While competition has taken place annually for more than 20 centuries as part of religious ceremonies and folk customs, dragon boat racing has emerged in modern times as an international sport, beginning in Hong Kong in 1976.'

How do I get started?

​Getting started may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you get in the boat you will understand why so many people become obsessed with the sport. The first thing you need to do is to find a club that best suits you. Find out what training days they have and then have a trial session or two. Secondly, talk with the coach and find out what is required to become a paddler for that club. You need to complete a Temporary Membership Form before going out in a boat.

Do I have to wear a life jacket / personal floation device (PFD)?

​PFDs should be worn from 1st May until 1st September unless the weather and water remains cold, when a longer mandatory period will be advised by DBACT.

All junior drummers and sweeps aged between 12 and 18 years are required to wear life jackets at all times. It is highly recommended that senior sweeps and drummers also wear life jackets at all times.

Can I trial for ACT Fire?

Any paddler who has had no less than 1 season under their belt can trial for the ACT Fire representative squad. As part of our ongoing success at the Australian Championships we encourage all paddlers to trial. There is a category to suit all ages from Juniors to Senior C.

When does my membership run out?

​Memberships are annual. Therefore, your membership will be up for renewal 12 months from the previous expiry date if you're a continuing member, or 12 months from the date you joined if you're a new member. (This policy came into effect from 1/10/2012.) You can check your membership expiry date by logging into our online membership system.

Can I help at regattas?

​It is encouraged that anyone who has a friend or family member watching a regatta to get involved and lend a hand. Regattas require a lot of hands on work to run smoothly. It is a great way to meet with wonderful friendly people and enjoy being involved in such an exciting sport.

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14 March, 2017 - 11:12